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Crackers with Drinks

May 25, 2017

How do you enjoy yours?

Stag produces a high quality range of savoury biscuits, that are steeped in provenance. We use traditional recipes, time-honoured skills and bake by hand. The result is some of the best tasting crackers on the market. Whilst many eat them on the go for a light lunch or snack, the best way to enjoy our award-winning water biscuits and Scottish oatcakes is with cheese and charcuterie. But, it's important to remember that the drinks must complement the flavours rather than compete. 

The original water biscuits work well with a whole host of drinks: from a lightly brewed craft ale, full-bodied red wine or fruit based cider or perry. As you would expect from a Scottish bakery, we also recommend our savoury biscuits with a good Scotch whisky. Our seaweed range in particular comes into it's own when accompanied with a good malty dram. 

Here are some ideas of how best to enjoy our savoury biscuits: 

Original Water Biscuits - as this offers a neutral base for cheese, it works well with a wide variety of cheeses. Why not enhance the flavours further, and indulge in a rich homemade chutney or fruity relish. 

Salt & Black Pepper - choose a ripe gorgonzola 

Sweet Chilli - we'd recommend a creamy, rich brie

Traditional Oatcakes - great with a rich, mature cheddar or tangy goats' milk cheese


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