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Feb 06, 2017

Since 2014 we’ve been supplier to Under Fine Wraps – one of the UK’s leading hand-made hamper and gift companies, based a stone’s throw from beautiful Rutland Water in England’s smallest county.

A regular at county food and craft fairs, Under Fine Wraps features Stag Bakeries’ products in more than 20 of its carefully hand-packed and delicious hampers, including its innovative ‘Manper®’ range (hampers designed primarily for men and combining lots of savoury goodies like ours with beers and wines).

We asked Clare Underwood of Under Fine Wraps to tell us more about her business and how Stag is playing a part in its continued success, both offline and online via her website; and she was delighted to oblige with this review.

Said Clare: “When I set-up Under Fine Wraps I had the absolute conviction that I would never put anything in a hamper that I didn’t like myself, and so when I was searching for a supplier of savoury products Stag was a name I was familiar with and whose products I loved.

“For example, living so close to where the best Stilton cheese is made, I already knew that the Stornaway Smoked Butter Oatcakes went perfectly with cheese and they are still a personal favourite of mine. Strong cheese really brings out their nutty flavour and they feature widely in our Manper® range, especially in the Rutland Ales and Treats Hamper.

“Another firm favourite of our customers are the Stornaway Water Biscuits, in both the Original and Salt and Pepper flavours. They really do taste great and in my opinion are seasoned to perfection and are fantastic with either cheese, or pâté. They absolutely deserve their Gold Star awards and when I was putting together our popular Beer and Treats Hamper they simply had to go in.

“One of our marketing strategies is to attend food fairs and events, as they are a brilliant way to get people to actually sample what’s in our hampers, and we always make sure we have a plentiful supply of Stag products to try and buy. And it’s fair to say the Gourmet All Butter Cheese Straws with Smoked Dunlop always get a great reaction. Customers simply can’t resist the buttery, flaky pastry and one bite and they want more. They are a fantastic savoury treat and feature in our Valentines Real Ales and Treats Hamper and Rutland Ales and Treats Hamper, among others.

“Of course, it would be very remiss of me not to mention shortbread here too. We wanted to give customers a superb shortbread in our Christmas hampers especially, and it had to be Scottish, naturally, and I believe you simply cannot beat Stag’s quality here.

“At shows and events, the Shortbread Selection with six different flavours is a best seller and the comments we get are always that it’s delicious. It is so light, so short, and in my opinion is a classic shortbread that goes hand-in-hand with a cup of tea. When it comes to ‘short’ shortbread, Stag is really a force to be reckoned with.

“Finally, I would say another key reason we are happy to include Stag products in our hampers, is that they fit so well with our own ideology and that is to offer hampers with a real personal touch, where all the ingredients have been sampled and chosen for their quality and taste.

“At UnderFineWraps we like to offer the best, but we also like to support artisan bakers and brewers and smaller companies whose attention to detail and passion for what they do shines through in their produce.

“Stag’s baking heritage stretches back to 1885 and it still uses traditional recipes and time-honoured methods and even though it has an international footprint, its products retain that locally-produced feel, which is vitally important to us.”

To try Stag biscuits and treats along with fine wines, whiskies, beers and ales, why not visit Under Fine Wraps.