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Enjoy with a tot of whisky!

Apr 16, 2014

As an award-winning Scottish bakery the taste of our biscuits for cheese is at the forefront of our minds. It's important that the flavour is distinctive without being overpowering but the finished product needs to complement rather than conflict. 


When creating the Seaweed Water Biscuits we wanted to create a range with provenance that highlighted our Scottish roots but wanted to ensure that the flavours work well with many accompaniments - cheese, fish, or just enjoyed on it's own.


Naturally being a Scottish bakery, we also had to ask whisky experts what they thought of the Seaweed biscuits. We're delighted that they confirmed that our Stornoway Seaweed range goes exceptionally well with Scottish whisky. 

Here's what Rob Allanson at the Whisky Magazine had to say ...

"So... Bank holiday weekend gave me chance to take the crackers for a road test. They work really well, not just with Islay but also complementing sweeter Highland and Speyside drams. They are good because with Islay whiskies they seem to amplify the iodine and earthy notes, but with the Highland and Speyside they work stripping elements away from the whisky leaving more sweet, honey vanillin notes."

Whisky and savoury biscuits - the perfect weekend combination!