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What makes the perfect cheeseboard?

Mar 11, 2014

When creating a cheeseboard, it's all well and good carefully choosing the elements to obtain the 'wow factor'. But perusing and selecting the best cheeses, juicy, plump grapes and an assortment of condiments and accompaniments won't mean anything unless you have the perfect biscuit for cheese in which to serve. 


There are so many savoury cracker brands available on the market, but in our experience, it's best to have a cheese biscuit that 'holds' the cheese, is a robust carrier but with a flavour that isn't overpowering, but simply enhances and improves the cheese. 


Our Original Water Biscuits, for example, have a neutral base, meaning that they work well with strong, mature flavours. Rosemary Water Biscuits however, work well with Goats' cheese, Brie or Welsh Perl Wen. 


Our traditional Scottish Oatcakes are rustic in style and have a delicious oaty, somewhat 'earthy' flavour and are best enjoyed with creamy cheeses like Wensleydale to meld texture and flavour. 


If you have a preferred cheeseboard selection or have a favourite way to enjoy our Stag Bakeries Water Biscuits then we'd love to hear from you. You can always leave a message on our facebook page or send us a tweet